dali controller

SPI Controllercan receive SPI (TTL) digital signals, widely used for controlling LED lights without driving chips, it makes the changing effects more vivid, and can realize RGB scanning, color chasing, animation, etc., the control channels and power can be expanded unlimitedly.

SPI-PWM driver
  • SPI Driver(Single Pixel/3CH) LT-210
    Input signal SPI (TTL) signal
    Input power DC12V~DC24V
    Max load current 8A/CH×3
    Max output power : 288W/576W(24V/12V)
    working temperature -30℃~65℃
    Dimension L135×W95×H40(mm)
    Package Size L155×W105×H55(mm)
    Weight (G.W) 400g
  • SPI Driver (8 Pixels/24CH) LT-280
    Input signal SPI (TTL) signal
    Input power DC5V~DC24V
    Max load current 3A/CH×24
    Max output power 360W/864W/1728W(5V/12V/24V)
    working temperature -30℃~65℃
    Dimension L260×W120×H40mm
    Package Size L290×W130×H46mm
    Weight (G.W) 860g
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