Company Profile

Zhuhai LTECH Technology Co., LTD (Stock Code: 832110), founded in 2003, has greatly promoted the development of the field of intelligent LED lighting control in China. Over 18 years, LTECH has been at the forefront of LED lighting control technology in China. It is China top 10 intelligent lighting brand and is also one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting control systems in the world.

As a pioneer of the field of intelligent lighting in China, LTECH always insists on the core of technology research and development and constantly brings new technology into the field of intelligent lighting, which has already created new intelligent LED lighting control technology. With possessing the core competencies of AI+IoT+Cloud+Actuator, LTECH developed three hardware product lines-"LED Lighting Control System", " Intelligent LED Driver" and "Smart Home", meeting the needs of smart scenes for lighting enterprises, commercial space and residential homes. In 2005, LTECH invested heavily in the establishment of L-Home IoT Cloud Platform, which enables end-to-end implementations by transferring data to the cloud and providing the ability to manage users’ devices, keeping our three product lines closely associated. Besides, L-Home IoT Cloud Platform can combine with other global intelligent platforms through cloud connections to provide users with one-stop intelligent LED lighting solutions.

As of now, LTECH has provided a large number of competitive, safe and reliable products and solutions for tens of thousands of famous landmark buildings, theme parks, star hotels, office buildings, high-end shopping malls all over the world and for tens of millions of smart homes, smart offices, and smart hotels. Meanwhile, LTECH set up offices in each country and region around the world and has established a global sales and service network to provide tens of thousands of industry users with intelligent lighting solutions. In the future, LTECH will strive to become the leading brand of global intelligent lighting solutions, contributing to the development of intelligent lighting in China and even around the world.

Focus on technological innovation, improve lighting quality. Make healthy and intelligent lighting environments become normal.


  • 2021 Guangdong Superior Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in Terms of Professionalism, Specialization and Innovation
  • Top 10 Intelligent Lighting Brand Awards 2018 & 2019 & 2020
  • Top Ten Technology Award of Alighting Award 2018
  • DiiA Member(Original DALI Association)
  • International High-Tech Enterprise
  • National AAAA level Enterprise with Good Practice on Standardization
  • Leading Brand in Guangdong
  • Private S&T Enterprise
  • Innovators for Top 100 Enterprises in NEEQ
  • NEEQ Innovative Enterprise
  • SGS ISO: 9001 approved
  • Advantageous Intellectual Property Enterprise in Zhuhai
  • President Lei Jianwen was selected as the leading technology entrepreneur of Guangdong TeZhi project.
  • Approved Engineering and Technology Research Center in Guangdong
  • Approved Key Enterprise Technology Center in Zhuhai
  • LTECH headquarters R&D base (under construction)
  • Headquarters R&D base facade
    Headquarters R&D base facade 1
  • Headquarters R&D base facade
    Headquarters R&D base facade 2
  • 公司外景
    Company Exterior 1
  • 公司外景
    Company Exterior 2
  • 一楼大堂
    The First Floor's Lobby
  • 公司前台
    Reception Desk
  • 行政中心
    Administration Center
  • 生产车间
    The Corner of Workshop
  • 产品生产中
    In Production
  • 研发检测仪表
    LED Driver Auto Test System
  • LED控制器老化车
    LED Controller Aging Machine
  • LED驱动器老化设备
    LED Intelligent Driver Aging machine
  • EMI测试接收机
    EMI Testing Receiver
  • 红外热成像仪
    Infrared Imaging Devices
  • 高低温老化箱
    High & Low Temperature Testing Box
  • 激光打码机
    Laser Marking Machine
  • AOI(自动光学检测)
    AOI(Automatic Optical Detector)
  • SMT贴片机
    SMT Mounter
  • 无铅波峰焊
  • 无铅回流焊

Company Culture

【Enterprise mission】
  • Focus on technological innovation, improve lighting quality
    Make healthy and intelligent lighting environments become normal.
  • To be a leading intelligent lighting enterprise of providing solutions.
【Core value】
  • Thankfulness, Fighting
  • Innovation, Win-win
  • Where there is Lighting, there is LTECH.
is composed by English and Chinese. it can also be used independently as English
or Chinese 

LTECH is the combination of L and TECH, “L”refers to the English initial letter LED、LIGHTING、LAMP、LASER,etc. “TECH” refers to technology.

LTECH is the clipped word of lighting technology, which means it embarks upon developing “lighting technology”.

LTECH is the English transliteration of 雷特,“L” is the initial consonant of Chinese characters,“雷”, which is related to lighting. And “T” is the initial consonant of Chinese characters“特” that means outstanding or extraordinary.

LTECH strives to be the leading intelligent lighting enterprise , providing best solutions and extraordinary design and quality, which creates great values for customers.






  • Alighting Award 2021- top 100 intelligent lighting enterprises
  • National High-tech Enterprise
  • National High-tech Enterprise Certificate
  • 2020 Guangdong Intellectual Property Model Enterprise
  • Intelligent Lighting Product Cross - Industry Award of Light of Wisdom Trophy 2020
  • Industry Top 10 Accessories Brands 2020
  • Top 50 comprehensive innovation strength of high-tech enterprises
  • Alighting Lamp award Technicas Excellence
  • Member units of CSHIA
  • Aladdin Lamp Award·Top Ten Technology Awards
  • Key Enterprise Technology Center of Zhuhai
  • Legal adviser
  • Engineering technology research center
  • Guangdong special expenditure program
  • member units
  • Jinan university Teaching & Practice Base
  • Innovation industrialization demonstration base
  • National High-End Technical Enterprise
  • National High-End Technical Enterprise
  • The award of Distinguished Enterprise
  • The learn and practice base of Jilin University
  • The learn and practice base of Beijing Institute of Technology
  • The superior supplier on India Lighting Fair
  • The business products executive standard certificate
  • The Most Growth Enterprise Award
  • “Technical Excellence" Award by Aladdin
  • Intellectual Property Dominant Enterprise
  • Private science and technology enterprises
  • Ten demonstration projects of LED industry
  • Wing enterprise flying
  • ISO9001:2015 License
  • The 3rd award of Lightning contest
  • The 2nd award of LED Application design by Lighting Expo
  • Donated the earthquake area in Ya’an city
  • Donated 40 sets computers to Zhuhai Charity Federation
  • The superior supplier on Moscow Lighting & Build Fair
  • National 4A level Good Standardizing practice certificate
  • NEEQ Innovation top 100
  • Guangdong Top Brand Product
  • Aladdin brand certification
  • Most valuable investment enterprise
  • Aladdin Lamp Award·Top Ten Technology Awards
  • 2018 Top Ten Intelligent Lighting Brands
  • 2019 Top Ten Intelligent Lighting Brands
  • 2020 Top Ten Intelligent Lighting Brands
  • Outstanding Cross-industry Award of Zhiguang Cup 2018
  • Membership of Zhuhai Association for the Development Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Intellectual Property Management System Certificate

Technology Center


Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center

Technology Center


Development History

LTECH Development History

June, 2021
Alighting Award 2021-the "Drive and Control" in the list of top 100 intelligent lighting enterprises.
May, 2021
LTECH Has Officially Become A Director Unit of CSHIA.
March, 2021
LTECH has been awarded the title of "2020 Guangdong Intellectual Property Model Enterprise".
December, 2020
LTECH Won Intelligent Lighting Product Cross-Industry Award of Light of Wisdom Trophy 2020.
December, 2020
LTECH Has Been Awarded "Industry Top 10 Accessories Brands 2020".
December, 2020
LTECH Won China TOP 10 Intelligent Lighting Brand Awards in Three Consecutive Years.
October, 2020
LTECH Attended Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2020.
August, 2020
LTECH officially signed contract with TuyaSmart for in-depth cooperation.
June, 2020
LTECH has officially developed a strategic partnership with CGD.
December, 2019
LTECH won Chairman Nomination Award of ZHIGUANG CUP 2020.
December, 2019
LTECH won Top 10 Intelligent Lighting Brand Award again.
November, 2019
LTECH and ThinkHome officially announced a strategic co-operation.
October, 2019
LTECH Technology ranks in the top 50 comprehensive innovation strength of high-tech enterprises of Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City.
October, 2019
LTECH Thailand formally established.
May, 2019
LTECH Won Alighting Lamp Award Technicas Excellence Again.
April, 2019
The 6th LED Pioneer Award --Excellent Award.
March, 2019
LTECH and SAT achieved a strategic cooperation.
December, 2018
LTEHC’s subsidiary -Xiaolei won Outstanding Cross-industry Award of Zhiguang Cup 2018.
December, 2018
LTECH won the 2018 Top 10 China Intelligent Lighting Brand Awards.
August, 2018
The construction of LTECH R&D headquarters officially started.
July, 2018
Xiaolei Technology entered the Tmail Genie intelligent device platform.
June, 2018
LTECH won the 2018 Alighting Award “Top 10 Technology Awards”
April, 2018
LTECH Intelligent Lighting Academy has been founded.
January, 2018
LTECH “Xiaolei Technology” won”The Annual Most Investment Value Cultural and Technology Project”.
December, 2017
LTECH "LED smart lighting controller technical research center" was recognized as "Zhuhai Key Enterprise Technology Center".
October, 2017
Won 2017 The Most Investment Value New Third Board Enterprise Award.
September, 2017
LTECH “LED smart lighting controller technical research center” was approved by Guangdong Province.
July, 2017
Became one of the "40 Smart lighting forum member".
July, 2017
The Construction Commencement Ceremony of LTECH HQ R&D base was officially launched.
June, 2017
LTEHC entered the Innovative Level of NEEQ.
May, 2017
LTECH products has won Excellent Technology Award of Alighting Award.
May, 2017
LTECH LED controllers were awarded as Guangdong Province Famous Brand.
May, 2017
LTECH Chairman Mr. Lei Jainwen was selected being the Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Leader of 2016 “Guangdong Special Support Plan”.
April, 2017
LTECH LED controllers won Excellent Award of “The 4th China LED Innovation Award ".
February, 2017
LTECH successfully bid for D8 land parcel of Nanping Science and Technology Industrial Park for the construction of R & D headquarters base.
January, 2017
LTECH won Ten Demonstration Projects in LED Industry by reconstructing the LED project of Star World Hotel Macau.
January, 2017
LTECH programmed DMX CC drivers won Annual Innovation Products.
January, 2017
Be titled as "The Most Investment Value Enterprise of The Year."
December, 2016
Won the title of "Guangdong Famous Brand Product".
November, 2016
Entered the "New Third Board Innovation Top 100."
August, 2016
Won the title of "Zhuhai Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise".
July, 2016
LTECH‘s rated as 2015-2016 The most growth enterprises on NEEQ by Gaogong LED.
July, 2016
LTECH DALI digital dimming driver won “Excellent technology award” issued By Aladdin.
June, 2016
LTECH launched flicker-free 0.1-100% depth dimming 50W dimming driver series at 2016 GZ international Lighting fair.
May, 2016
LTECH released“L-home App “IoT platform.
March, 2016
LTECH constant-current dimming Technology got significant breakthrough, challenging the LED constant current dimming Technology limit, realizing flicker-free 0.1-100% depth-dimming and achieved the international leading level.
February, 2016
LTECH awared 3 National Invention Patent License.
January, 2016
5 items of LTECH products awarded the high-tech products Certification.
December, 2015
LTECH invested 10 millions to set up a subsidiary called "Guangdong XiaoLei Technology Co. Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "XiaoLei Technology").XiaoLei Technology will be fully opened on new area of smart home industry.
July, 2015
LTECH full digital intelligent dimmable LED drivers were launched.
June, 2015
LTECH ranked in "2015 NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and Quotation)TOP100" as the only top one in the lighting industry.
March, 2015
LTECH has went public successfully in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotation). The stock code is 832110, and short name for the share is LTECH Technology.
March, 2015
To meet future development needs, LTECH started to upgrade the original ERP Management System,Nabagenebt System and build a more comprehensive, stable, accurate, and efficient ERP management system.
November, 2014
LTECH built the Practice Base of Industry, Teaching and Research with Zhuhai College of Jilin University and Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (BITZH).
October, 2014
The Founding Meeting was held, with the company name changing from Zhuhai LTECH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to Zhuhai LTECH Technology Co., Ltd.
October, 2014
LTECH was affirmed as the National High-tech Enterprise.
October, 2010
LTECH has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.
May, 2010
LTECH successfully implemented the Kingdee ERP management system.
July, 2009
As the business performance improved continually,to meet the need of company development, LTECH moved to Zhuhai Nanping Technical Industrial Park.
January, 2007
Successfully registered the trademark "LTECH" and "雷特".
January, 2005
LTECH further explored the international market and 70% of output were exported.
May, 2004
LTECH invented the world's first LED Power amplifier, brought reform and innovation to the LED Lighting engineering application.
October, 2003
LTECH brought the DMX decoder to China, implemented the stage lighting DMX512 protocol combined with LED lighting.
Zhuhai LTECH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was established, specialized in developing and manufacturing LED lighting controllers. Core members of the Start-up team entered into the LED control technology development, it was the pioneer of the field in China.



Organization Chart