• Products shall be installed by qualified professionals.
  • LTECH products are non-waterproof and not lightningproof (special models excepted). Please avoid the sun and rain. When installed outdoors, please ensure they are mounted in a water proof enclosure and lightning protection devices are installed.
  • Good heat dissipation will prolong the working life of products. Please ensure good ventilation.
  • Please check if the working voltage used complies with the parameter requirements of products.
  • The diameter of wire used must be able to load the light fixtures you connect and ensure the firm wiring.
  • Before you power on products, please make sure all the wiring is correct in case of incorrect connection that causes damage to light fixtures.
  • If a fault occurs, please do not attempt to fix products by yourself. If you have any question, please contact your suppliers.

Warranty Agreement

  • Warranty Coverage:

    Warranty periods from the date of manufacture:

    1.LED controllers:5 years

    2.LED drivers: 5 years

    3.Smart home items: 2 years

    Free repair or replacement services for quality problems are provided within warranty periods.

  • Warranty exclusions below:

    Following conditions are not within the guarantee range of free repairing or replacement services:

    a.Beyond warranty periods.

    b.Any artificial damage caused by high voltage, overload, or improper operations.

    c.Products with severe physical damage.

    d.Damage caused by natural disasters and force majeure.

    e.Damage caused by natural disasters and force majeure.

    f.No any contract signed by LTECH or invoice.

    1.Repair or replacement provided is the only remedy for customers. LTECH is not liable for any incidental or consequential damage unless it is within the law.

    2.LTECH has the right to amend or adjust the terms of this warranty.The warranty that issues in writting shall prevail.