dali controller

  • PWM (pulse width modulation), compatible with all CV power repeaters.

  • Better color reducibility.

  • Increase more power load.

  • Available for indoor LED lighting application.

  • Protective plastic housing and metal housing optional.

PWM CC Power amplifier
  • CC Power Repeater LT-3040-CC
    Input signal PWM
    Input voltage DC12V~DC48V
    Output voltage DC3V~DC46V
    Max load current CC 350/700/1050mA 3 in 1×4CH
    Output power 1.05W~48.3W ×4CH  Max 193.2W
    Output signal CC PWM
    working temperature -30℃~55℃
    Dimension L175×W44×H30(mm)
    Package Size L178×W48×H33(mm)
    Weight (G.W) 110g
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